Meeting of the UEAA Steering Committee 2014, Prague

17.9. 2014

17 September 2014


Kerstin Niblaeus                              Sweden
Carl Anders Helander                    Sweden
Anders Nilsson                                  Sweden
Bo Andersson                                  Sweden
Magnus J. Stark                               Sweden
Baiba Rivza                                        Latvia
Jean – Marc Boussard                   France
Cristian Hera                                     Romania
Georghe Sin                                      Romania
Vilém Podrázský                             Czech Republic
Jan Nedělník                                     Czech Republic
Václav Hrubý                                    Czech Republic
Apologies : Michel Thibier – France

15:00 Meeting start.

– Kerstin Niblaeus provided information regarding KLSA negotiations with some representatives of UEAA member academies (e.g. England, Holland) plus on negotiations with Swedish representatives in EU structures (research focus in the ERA, their view on GMO, etc.). Other information was about preparation of the UEAA website.- Vilém Podrázský informed attendees on preparations for the 8th General Assembly of the UEAA on 18-19 Sep 2014, and its programme. He provided those present with a list of representatives of academies that had registered for the assembly, and those who had excused themselves.

– Jean-Marc Boussard confirmed that France was prepared to take over the vice-presidency for the next two years.

– In 2015, the UEAA Steering Committee will meet  in Prague. A preliminary decision was reached on its membership for the next two years, which will be submitted for approval at the plenary session.

18:00 Meeting end.