The EC study on new genomic techniques
The eagerly awaited document : On 29 April 2021, the European Commission published a study regarding the status of New Genomic Techniques (NGT) under Union law.​

The Vice President of the EU Commission Maroš Šefčovič’s letter
A letter to the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Afffairs providing some useful information about this study.

15 th May 2019 – Will new plant breeding techniques have a future in the EU?
Here is some information about a seminar at the Swedish Academy for Agriculture that I think might interest you. It is about plant breeding and the new techniques and their future in the EU. It is on 15 May.

UNASA – opening of the 2019 Academic Year
On 31 Of May at the Accademia dei Concordi- ROVIGO Italy will take place the Open Cerimony of the Italian Union of Academies devoted to Agriculture, Food and Environments (UNASA). Professor Dario Casati -University of Milan, will give the lectio Magistralis "New technologies for agriculture: the role of innovation".

Fascination of Plants Day – May 18th 2019
The role of plants in environmental conservation is a key message.

Most interesting book from the World Organisation of Animal Health (OIE), just released : “Poor livestock producers, the environment and the paradoxes of development policies” by Dr J P Pradère
A superb book (102 pages, 117 references, 11 chapters, numerous tables,  figures and inserts in multicolors). Brilliant from the beginning to the end. Anyone having links with rural developments and livestock should at least read the most stimulating conclusion " The paradoxes of development policies and the consequences of the marginalisation of poor farmers". The OIE should be complemented to have supported such a study and report and congratulations to the author : great job". MT.

News from the Académie d’Agriculture de France : our colleague observer at the UEAA steering committee, Dr Agnes Ricroch, is appointed as Secretary of Life Sciences Section of the French Academy of Agriculture.
Creation of a new commission: “agricultural education” (see report of the General Assembly and of the Steering Committee reports Paris, 11-12 October 2016) A note from the Chairperson of this Electronic Working Group – J P Bastié (France)