Serbia – Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia

2.11. 2016

The Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia (AESS) is a scientific institution that brings together distinguished engineers and scientists from the field of engineering sciences with a goal of developing, stimulating and organizing engineering and technical sciences and their application in industry and other fields of activity.


The main goal of the Academy is to incite and direct fundamental, developmental and innovative research and other forms of scientific and specialist creativity within the engineering production and design, to direct and incite the system of engineering education and knowledge dissemination in all areas of engineering.
The Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia was established in 1998 in Belgrade under the name of Engineering Academy of Yugoslavia. Following the changes in society, it obtained and officially registered its current name in October 2006.
At this moment (2016) the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia has 119 full members, 77 corresponding members and 7 honorary members-distinguished engineers, as well as 69 foreign members. All members of the Academy were elected according to high scientific and technical quality standards, by secret vote at the Academy Assembly.
Academy performs its activities through Departments that are principal for the basic groups of scientific and engineering disciplines.
Interdepartmental committees are formed for the multidisciplinary character matter. Departmental committees are organized for more important areas of departmental activities within one department.