Moldavia – Academy of Sciences of Moldavia

2.11. 2016

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova (A.S.M.), in its role of the highest scientific forum of the country, represents the only public institution of national interest in the sphere of science and innovation, is a plenipotentiary coordinator of scientific and innovation activity, scientific consultant of the public authorities of the Republic of Moldova, has an autonomous statute and acts on the basis of self-administration principles.


The Academy of Sciences develops its activity according to the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the Code on Science and Innovation, the Partnership Agreement with the Government of the country, its Statute and other legislative and normative documents.

The Assembly of the Academy of Sciences is the supreme leadership body of the Academy of Sciences, constituted of Titular Members (Academicians), Corresponding Members and 78 Doctors Habilitat, elected for a period of 4 years by the meetings of Doctors Habilitat and Doctors of Science of the Sections of Sciences.

The Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development is the executive body of the Assembly and is constituted of 17 persons: the President, Vice-Presidents and the General Scientific Secretary of the Academy of Sciences, Academicians-Coordinators of the Sections of Sciences (appointed from the office) and 6 representatives of the scientific community, including higher education institutes and the State Agency for Intellectual Property, elected by the Assembly for a period of 4 years.

The General Meeting of Titular Members and Corresponding Members represents the highest forum of the academic personnel (Titular Members, Corresponding Members and Honorary Members), composed of the most notorious representatives of the academic, university and branch science.

A special attention is paid to the extension and improvement of the relations of collaboration with local universities, profile ministries and departments, respective agreements being concluded and the forms of cooperation being diversified.

One of the strategic priorities of the A.S.M. activity is the development and consolidation of scientific international relations, maintenance of bilateral relations with the Academy of Sciences and scientific organizations from many countries, agreements of scientific collaboration being concluded and actions of integration in the European scientific sphere and in world scientific community being promoted.