Croatia – Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU)

2.11. 2016

The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts has organized over one hundred scientific meetings and conferences, evaluating works of important Croats throughout history. In addition, it has organized a number of symposia focusing on the history and economic development of Croatian regions, cities and towns, as well as on the problems of Croatia’s development.

 The Academy has published the following dictionaries: Mažuranić’s Prinosi za hrvatski pravno-povijesni rječnik (Contributions for a Croatian Historical Dictionary, 11 volumes), Benešić’s Rječnik hrvatskog književnog jezika od preporoda do l. G. Kovačića (Dictionary of the Croatian Literary Language from the National Revival to I. G. Kovačić, in 12 volumes), and Rječnik hrvatskoga kajkavskog književnog jezika (Dictionary of Croatian Literary Kajkavian, 10 volumes). The work on the large Rječnik hrvatskog ili srpskog jezika (Dictionary of the Croatian or Serbian Language, 97 volumes) went on for almost one hundred years.atriumhazu09/29/2016