Latvian academy of agricultural and forestry sciences (LAAFS) congratulates the “Sower 2017” laureates

20.10. 2017

On Friday ,October 13, in Cultural Palace “Ziemeļblāzma”, the Agriculture Minister Jānis Dūklavs and senior officials of the country welcomed the “Sower 2017” winners and promotion prize receivers from beneficiaries – farmers, including young farmers, food producers, as well as scientists.

LAAFS President Prof. Baiba Rivža welcomed the “Sower 2017” winner and promotion prize winners in Science, Innovation in practice. Winner Dr. agr. Baiba Lāce, work “Agro-ecological impact on pears – juniper rust (ier. Gymnosporangium sabinae (Dicks.) MR Winter) and integrated plant protection as disease” and promotion prizes received Dr. oec. Laura Jeroščenko work “Cultural heritage of rural tourism development” and Dr. agr. Inga Jansone, for “Winter cereal crop as the raw material for the production of renewable energy in Latvia”.