Latvian academy of agricultural and forestry sciences participation field trials and laboratory experiment events

20.10. 2017

Every year in the summer moths Latvian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (LAAFS) participates in field trials and laboratory experiment events, in which the scientific institutions of agriculture and forest science throughout Latvia are surveyed. During this time LAAFS representatives, along with colleagues from the scientific institutes, listen to reports from research institutions on the progress made during the reporting period and on future plans. During the event, technical facilities of scientific institutions are presented along with experimental laboratories and fields. During its operating time LAAFS has established close cooperation whit the scientific institutions of  Latvia Univesity of Agriculture (LUA), for example Institute of Soil And Plant Science; Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre, Biotechnology and the Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine etc., as well as with other scientific institutions, e.g. Horticultural Research Centre Pūre; State Stende Cereal Breeding Institute; Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute; Institute of Horticulture; Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava”; Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR”; which regularly participate in these trial events.