Cooperation of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences with Private Agricultural Companies

24 02 2021

A communiqué from the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
A good example of a successful joint venture between Public and Private interests.

Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences has established close cooperation with Agricultural enterprises, companies, farms and individual farmers. The members of the Academy and a group of national coordinators of agricultural branches collaborate intensively with the abovementioned organizations. In the result, a variety of annual and perennial crops have been developed and scientifically substantiated at the Academy which is successfully implemented in production after extensive testing. One of such examples is a Georgian Company “Lomtagora” (Director Dr. Kakha Lashkhi).
“Lomtagora” is a multidisciplinary agricultural enterprise, main activity of which is wheat and corn selection-sowing and production of field crops. The Company attaches great importance to cooperation with Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Scientific- Research Centers of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture.
“Lomtagora” has established a close cooperation with international centers, such as CIMMYT, the corn and wheat improvement center, also with ICARDA – International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Area. Collaboration with the local and international scientific centers, the Company has achieved big success both in breeding new varieties and in introducing advanced agro-technologies.
The Company has already created and registered a high-yield and disease-resistant corn and wheat varieties. They are sown in different agro-climatic zones of Georgia.
The Company devotes an important place to the maintenance and improvement of local wheat and corn varieties.
The new varieties of wheat are presented below as examples.
“Lomtagora 126” (LG -126) is a soft-wheat variety (Triticum aestivum L) and red- grained without wheat husk – – var. lutescens (Alef.). The variety is distinguished by high frost and drought resistance, facultative direction; is characterized by great ability to emerge, strong root system and quite high blooms. The plant is moderately resistant to fungal diseases. Yields at 11 t / ha; Yield of silage mass 25-35 tons per hectare.
“Lomtagora-143” belongs to the species of soft wheat (Triticum aestivum L) and the variety of red grains without wheat husk. – var. lutescens (Alef.). The number of well-developed productive spike varies in the range of 570-580 per 1.0 m2, which are located at one height of the plant. It is characterized by great ability to emerge, strong root system and quite high blooms. The plant is moderately resistant to fungal diseases. Yields at 6,0 -6,5 t / ha.
“Lomtagora-109” is soft wheat variety, is resistant to leaf diseases (Septoriosis, and Oidium). The spike is white, awned and varies in length 13-15 sm. There are 65-70 wheat seeds in each spike. Variety is a high-yielded, 5,0 -6,5 t / ha; and It is suitable for all wheat sowing regions in Georgia;
The company also has significant achievements in producing new high-yield varieties of corn:
“Lomtagora -1” ( Fao 627) is a three-line hybrid, grain, height – 230-240 cm. Frequency is 60-65 thousand per hectare (at harvest time). Vegetation – medium-late (124-126 days); Yield 8.0-10.0 t / ha of grain.
“Lomtagora -2” ( Fao 627) – line-crossed hybrid, Grains – food, reddish-yellow color; Vegetation period – 124-126 days; High-yielding product gives 6.0.-.7.0. tones of grain, or yield of silage mass 25-35 tons per hectare; it is well adopted to sub-tropical and moisture conditions, resistant to fungi diseases – Helminthosporium tarsicum, fusariosis and others.
It is possible also to distribute above listed and other Georgian wheat and corn varieties in European countries.