UEAA Best Abstracts scientific competition for 2024

Instruction to authors

The abstracts are intended to be disseminated on the UEAA website as scientific information for a general public in the field of agriculture, food and the environment. A special attention should be made:

1- To explain the applied purposes of the study,

2- Highlight the potential impact of the work on agriculture, food and the environment.

It should be written in English, with the objectives described above, and not exceed 500 words and be sent under the DOCX, or PDF format. The Abstract should avoid specialised jargon, be informative, convey the essence of the study or review. Reference to a recently published article is possible, but in this case the abstract must be understandable by the reader without reading the full publication and, to maintain clarity and trustworthiness, it should not contain material that is not in the main text of the publication.

Title, names and addresses of authors
The title should be concise (no more than 70 characters) and understandable by non-specialists, it should not contain abbreviations. Standard terminology should be used in the title to facilitate information retrieval and indexing; for example, ‘Epidemiological survey of blackleg in cattle in France’ (topic, disease, species, country).
The family names of authors should be preceded by their initials and followed by a superscript bracketed Arabic number. The corresponding author should be identified with an asterisk and an email address supplied. The full address of each author should be given below the list of names, as follows:
H. Jones (1), M.L. Smith (2) & M. Webber (2)*
(1) Department of Animal Studies, Centre for Environmental Research, 12 Wxxx Street, London WI xxxx, United Kingdom
(2) Institute of Veterinary Research, 4 Portsmouth Road, Southampton Sxxxxx, United Kingdom
* Corresponding author: m.webber@ivr.org

Five keywords should be provided

Typing of the Manuscript
It should be typed on an A4 format, Font – Times New Roman; font size – 12 point, in 1.0. line space, and justified. Margins must be: left 3.00 cm, top 2.0 cm, bottom 2.0 cm, 2.0 cm right. No bold letters except particular cases.

Source of the Abstracts
Will only be considered by UEAA, Abstracts sent by a letter of a member of the Governance of a UEAA member Academy or similar Organizations, which are members of the UEAA: President, Vice-President or General Secretary.

President of UEAA
Professor Elena Horská