The UEAA “Best Abstracts Scientific Competition for 2023”

Rules of this scientific competition

    1. The UEAA launches an annual scientific competition “the UEAA best Abstracts”. At the end of the year, three Prizes will be awarded for the best three Abstracts judged by an international Jury selected by the UEAA Steering Committee. The winners will receive an award “The UEAA Best Abstract scientific Prize”.
    2. The UEAA best Abstracts competition only accepts abstracts selected by the member Academies of UEAA for the running year. The target objective is to receive one Abstract per month and member Academy for valorization through the UEAA website, the upper limit for each member is therefore 12 per year. If more than one abstract is sent, each of them should be ranked from treatment from 1 to n (n being the difference 12 – month of submission). This means that a member academy starting in June can send one Abstract per month or a batch of up to 6 ranked Abstracts at once. The Abstracts must be sent by a member of the Governance of the given Academy to the President of UEAA.
    3. As the UEAA does not publish papers, no peer-review process exists so Abstracts sent for this competition require peer review by member Academies.
    4. Given each UEAA member Academies of Agriculture operates in a distinct way, submitted Abstracts can come from published peer-reviewed scientific Journals, or from conferences or other oral presentations of the Academy.
    5. For journal Abstracts already published, authors should provide the reference of the original paper and should check before sending it that there is no violation of copyright. The date of the session should be provided for abstracts from Academy oral sessions.
    6. The Abstract should be informative, convey the essence of the study or review and should be understandable to the reader without reading the publication itself. When referring to a published article, the abstract should only contain material from the main text of the publication.
    7. UEAA will only accept Abstracts that fulfill the standard described under the instructions to authors. The responsible member Academy should make sure that the abstract format is consistent to the UEAA standard to avoid rejection.
    8. The received Abstracts will, on arrival be posted on a dedicated “Scientific News” page on the UEAA web site.
    9. Upon receipt, Abstracts will be sorted on the web site by topic: Agronomy, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Livestock, Environment & Territories Economy and politics, Agri- supplies, Human Food and nutrition, Agrofood and in other topics if deemed necessary,
    10. At the end of the year, all Abstracts will be assembled into an UEAA e-book, which may be published in hard copy if financial support is available.

The President Elena Horská
20 April 2023