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The purpose of the association is to educate the public about the significance of agriculture to human society, to explain the many ways that agriculture has evolved through time, and to facilitate dialogue between museums across the globe about agricultural topics and discoveries. Call for support.

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24 5 18

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An important message from the Accademia dei Georgofili – Florence, Italy.

 Re. the 2018 UEAA international meeting

 Dear UEAA Members,

This to inform you that for several reasons, including the great loss of our President Professore Giampiero Maracchi, we intend to postpone the 2018 UEAA Meeting in Florence next October.

Soon, I will inform you all about the date and the program.

Warm regards,

Professore A Michele Stanca

Vice President of Accademia dei Georgofili

Acting Vice President of the UEAA

M Stanca, 23 3 18

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 In accordance to the statutes of the UEAA, Professore M Stanca having been nominated by the Board of the Accademia dei Georgofili to succeed to late Professore G Maracchi, will act  as the Vice President of the UEAA, position to be confirmed at the next General Assembly meeting and before the Presidency goes to the representative of the Italian Accademia dei Georgofili, hence to Professore M Stanca.

M Thibier, President of the UEAA . 23 March 2018

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The UEAA Board is particularly sad to announce that his Vice President Professore G Maracchi, President of the Academia Georgofili has passed away on March 10, 2018;

The UEAA expresses its deepest condolences both to Mrs G Maracchi and to the Accademia dei Georgofili, Florence, Italy.

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A note from the International Association for Agricultural Museums, AIMA

Please have a look on this interesting note on page / Activities/News and comments from members of the UEAA

26 02 2018

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                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR

                                                                               FELICE ANNO NUOVO

From the  Steering Committee members to all UEAA members and friends – 3 1 2018.


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 The Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences celebrates its 60th Anniversary

See on page :Activities/ News and comments from UEAA members    12 12 17

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A new report from EASAC, the European Academies Science Advisory Council : Opportunities and Challenges for Research on Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture in Europe

See on page :Activities/ News and comments from UEAA members                                                               5 12 17

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A report from the Romanian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences : The “Science Advice for Policy by European Academies” (SAPEA) project meeting in Bucharest, 16, 17 October 2017.

  see on page : Activities/ News and comments from UEAA members.                                                           24 11 17

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Feed back from the Romanian National Press on the UEAA meeting in Brussels on 28 September 2017

see on the following page : about UEAA/ Governance/ minutes of the General Assembly and Steering Committee meetings.                                                                                                                                                                            9 11 17

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Variety, Properties and Productive Potential of Soils in Ukraine : an original paper sent from the National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine :

see on page : Activities/ News and comments from UEAA members          8 11 17

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A very successful International Conference at the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. October 25-27 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Viticulture and Wine making in European countries – Historical aspects and prospects

Check in page: Activities/ News and comments from UEAA members          6 11 17

Message from France about the new European Joint Program (EJP)

The “One Health Program” of research selected by the European Commission and begins on 1st January 2018

Check in page: Activities/ News and comments from UEAA members              3 11 2017

Latest news from the Latvian academy of agricultural and forestry sciences. Congratulations to our friends from Latvia

Check in page: Activities/ News and comments from UEAA members.             23 10 2017

Report of the meeting of the UEAA Steering Committee with the EU Commissioner for Agriculture Ph Hogan – 28 September 2017 – The Berlaymont Building, Brussels – Belgium

see the report on either of those two pages on this very site : about/ueaa/ Governance/ minutes… or Activities/News.  Enjoy your reading.

12 10 2017

The minutes of the last UEAA Steering Committee meeting held in Brussels on 28 September  2017,

in preparation to the meeting with the E U Commissioner for Agriculture Ph Hogan is now posted on page : “About UEAA/Governance/Minutes of the General Assembly and Steering Committee meetings” of this very site. It includes  photos of the meeting as well as all the slides presented at that meeting, thanks to the S C members.

Come and have a look if you wish to know more about what UEAA does

Photo of  The UEAA President, Professor Michel Thibier (center, first row) and other members of the UEAA steering committee with the E U Commissioner in charge of Agriculture Ph Hogan .

12 10 2017

The UEAA position on the future of the post 2020 Common Agricultural Policy

pdfUEAA Position on CAP Brussels, 28 Sept 2017 (PDF, 407 kB)

10 10 17


pdfUEAA Step Report of the Agric Educ Commission 21 9 17 (PDF, 459 kB)

10 10 17

A note from the Chairman of the UEAA Agricultural Education commission

The UEAA new commission: “agricultural education”. A step report from the Chairman , JP BASTIE, have a look on this page.

NB. Registered Members of the UEAA will receive a special questionnaire from the chairperson, JP Bastié, of  this Commission, make sure you have had a look.

24 07 17

News from the European Commission

Very interesting note on new techniques in agricultural biotechnology, have a look on the Activities/News page on this very site : 3 6 17

The full article of Paul Brassley  given at the UEAA meeting in Paris (12 October 2016) is now on this web site.

Brassley P.2017. The impact of agricultural science 1850-2016 : a gentleman’s amusement to the saviour of the world?

Have a look on the Activities/News page on this very site : 9 5 17

Most interesting  book from the World Organisation of Animal Health (OIE), just released : “Poor livestock producers, the environment and the paradoxes of development policies” by Dr J P Pradère.

see the Activities/News page on this very site. 11 4 17

Latest news  from the UEAA Chairperson of the Electronic Working Group about the new UEAA commission: “agricultural education

This concerns all the UEAA members, please have a look and respond; see Activities/News page on this very site.

News from Italy : Accademia dei Georgofili’s Opening Ceremony of the 264th Academic Year

On Friday April 7th 2017 at 10.30 am, has taken place the Opening Ceremony of the 264th Academic Year in the Salone dei Cinquecento at Palazzo Vecchio (Firenze).

After the Mayor’s greetings and the President’s report,  Mr. Phil Hogan, European Commissioner of Agriculture and Rural Development has delivered a speech. During the Ceremony, diplomas have been delivered to new Ordinary and Corresponding Foreign, Emeritus ad Honorary Members; the “Antico Fattore” Prize and “Prosperitati Publicae Augendae” Prize were also awarded to winners. (http://www.georgofili.it/detail.asp?IDN=1654).




From the  Steering Committee members to all UEAA members and friends – 3 1 2017.



 To all members

A note from the Chairperson of the Electronic Working Group about the new UEAA commission: “agricultural education”.

Check in the  Activities/News/ section  on this web site

Please have a look and respond to make this EWG alive aiming at producing some interesting concepts.

10 December 2016


Latest news: The UEAA has a new President succeeding to Professor V Podraszky (Czech Republic), his name is Professor Michel Thibier, from France. He was nominated President on the 11th October at the 9th General Assembly of UEAA in Paris.

Professor M Thibier, DVM, Dr ès Sciences
Paris, 12 October 2016

The great success of the UEAA meetings in Paris (11 – 13 October 2016)

The Scientific colloquium of the UEAA, Paris, 12 October 2016 has taken place back to back to the 9th General Assembly of the UEAA held on 11 October 2016 in Paris . In addition, there was the possibility for the attendees to participate to a tour in the region of Champagne on 13 October 2016 which was organized by the Académie d’Agriculture de France.

You will find the note of Introduction to the Colloquium and the Abtract book of the Colloquium in the section Activities/News/organized by the UEAA
The minutes of the two steering committee meetings and those of the General Assembly are posted in the section Governance/ General Assembly and Steering Committee.

During the G A, two resolutions were passed: one on the Position of the UEAA – approved by the Board – on the regulation of targeted mutagenesis in Plant Breeding and one on the creation of a UEAA Commission “Technical Agricultural Education”.

You will find them here attached

President M Thibier

12 October 2016

 Professor V Podraszky Past President of the UEAA receives the medal of the Académie d’Agriculture de France from Dr G Tendron, secrétaire perpétuel de l’Académie d’Agriculture de France.
Professor V Podraszky

14 10 16

See here below the document published by the French Academies of Agriculture and of Technology in Paris on July 7  2016.

The french opinion on targeted mutagenesis

European and global research organizations call upon the European Parliament to encourage society to respect independent science advice and to condemn physical attacks on scientists

A letter to the President of the European Parliament, Mr Martin Schulz (Brussels, 01/07/2016)

Read more …….


Dear colleagues

Welcome to the new

Union of European Academies for Science applied to Agriculture, Food and Nature

web site

This new web site has been performed under the technical expertise of a Czech company by the name of e-fractal and we thank them very much for this achievement.

This was undertaken under the responsibility of the Czech Academy of Agriculture (CAAS) ,currently President of the UEAA. Many thanks to Professor Vilem Podraszky and to Ing Vaclav Hruby, secretary of the CAAS and their colleagues. This would not have possible without the financial help of the Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, thanks to the past president Dr Kerstin Niblaeus and her collaborator Mr Magnus Stark.

This new web site illustrates the revival of this

Union of European Academies for science applied to Agriculture, food and nature.

We, the current Presidency (CAAS), and the Vice Presidency (France, AAF) will make every effort to keep up with this new web site and bring some relevant information on a regular basis.

Best wishes to this new web site.


Professeur Honoraire Michel Thibier

Vice President of the UEAA



Upcoming Conferences 

The 10th General Assembly will take place in 2018, in Florence (Italy)

5 11 16

Previous Conferences

9th General Assembly of UEAA

11th-13th  October 2016 in Paris, FRANCE

Scientific colloquium of the UEAA, Paris, 12 October 2016, 

Science in agriculture: historical perspectives and prospective insights

Chairman : Professor Michel Thibier

see the “Governance” and “Past activities of the UEAA members” sections of this web site

14 10 2016

8th General Assembly of UEAA_DSC0077

18th-19th  September 2014, in Prague, Czech Republic

Utilization of GMO in Agriculture”

More about General Assambly

7th General Assembly of UEAA

 5 October 2012, in Stockholm, Sweden

 European Symposium Obrázek1

25th <